Catching up with Maximus Purvis

By April 2, 2020 September 11th, 2020 No Comments

Maximus Purvis recently wrapped up the hotly contested MX2 NZ Motocross championship, we catch up with the current champ to reflect on the win and how he is doing currently.

Hi Max, firstly congrats on the championship. It was a hotly contested class this year with many race winners over the 12 moto’s to make up the NZ championship. How does it feel to wrap it up and win your first major MX2 championship?

Man, it was a crazy finish to the series and one I am very proud to have won. I managed to be consistent in every moto and won when it counted having to win the final moto to take the championship. The pace was fast and you had to battle for every position in every race. When I crossed the line in that final moto it was an amazing feeling. Something I worked hard to achieve and to step up this year and win was a special moment in my career so far.


After the win it was not long after, the world got turned upside down with the Corona Virus. Word came out that the Australian championship would be postponed. How has this affected you and how are you going with these tough times?

It was crazy, at that stage I could come over but would have to self isolate for 2 weeks when I arrived. Just before I was to fly over the MX Nationals announced the postponement of Horsham. When we heard this I decided to stay in NZ a little longer to see what the go was. In the end it was probably the best decision as the country got shut down and I can now spend this time in lock down with my family. I am lucky enough to have a bike here so I can continue to work and train to be ready for when things return to normal. Overall I am lucky and live in a rural area and there is no known cases of the virus here currently. NZ has locked down more so than Australia by the sound of it with pretty much all businesses closed.


Lastly, are you looking forward to racing in OZ again later in the year and what are your expectations?

I can’t wait to go racing again. After the win in NZ I am confident I have continued to improve from 2019. It will certainly be hard but I don’t think the pace will be any faster than it was in NZ. We had some of the top contenders racing the NZ championship but there will be even more guys on that pace. It will take good start, race craft and consistency to be up front in the Oz MX2 championship. I am motivated and keen to get after it. I am also really keen for SX this year. I did not get to do it in 2019 after an ankle injury the week before the first round. I think even though I have little SX experience it suits me and i am keen to show what I have got.