WBR Yamaha YZ125 build

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We profile the bike the team built for Dylan Long to have some fun in the YZ125 cup.

Mission – build a rocket YZ125 that Dylan can have a heap of fun on and potentially win the 125 cup class at the Pro MX series. Dylan being 83kg it was important to have a strong and reliable engine. We wanted to bike to look good and go good. Below is a list of parts used, some costs involved and some reasons for the mods.

YZ125 2021 model $10,699rrp

Some of the parts used –

  • PC exhaust $459 and PC ti carbon muffler $549 RV spec (limited run PC did of RV spec pipes)
  • GYTR cylinder head and insert $800 (change the squish and volume also helps cooling)
  • GYTR ignition cover $350
  • DRC blue radiator hoses $95 (stronger than OEM)
  • V force 4 reeds $299 (better throttle response)
  • Zeta case saver $39 (clears mud from front sprocket better)
  • GET CDI ignition $680 (tunable ignition curve and map switch)
  • Pro Filter air filter $32
  • Dunlop tyres
  • MX Ink custom graphics $169
  • Strike seat cover $110
  • DID 520 race chain $149
  • JT sprocket 13, 50 gearing
  • Heavy duty clutch spring
  • GYTR jetting kit
  • DRC high pressure radiator cap
  • Still to add to the bike GYTR clutch cover (on back order)

Other work performed to bike that we have not listed costs –

  • 74 works coatings – Frame, engine brackets all powder coated in an awesome custom colour (contact 74 works for details and prices)
  • 74 works ceramic coated engine covers, water pump cover, blasted and cleared subframe
  • Engine built in house at WBR, crank removed and trued perfect, cases matched to the cylinder, cylinder ported, carb tuned on the in house dyno
  • Stock suspension with re spring and re valved, we used Q springs front and rear

Estimated retail cost of build $17699 which includes an estimated $7000 in parts and labour