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Levi Rogers has continued on his upward spiral and finished the season on a impressive note with a moto win in the MX2 division at the final round of the ProMX Championship, held at Coolum, over the weekend.

Rogers and teammate Hugh McKay combined for another solid weekend of racing with both riders finishing inside the top 10 for the round and showing impressive bursts of speed throughout the day.

To view the WBR Yamaha bLU cRU round recall: https://youtu.be/WsdfNOpIMfM

At round seven of the championship just last weekend, Rogers recorded his best place moto finish with a third in the final leg and his best round finish with fourth overall, but coming into a Coolum, a track that he has done well at in the past, he was hoping to take that to another level.

It might have taken until the second moto to make it happen, but he did more than improve it, Rogers smashed it with a sensational moto win that saw him come from outside the top five and mover his way into the lead before charging home with a seven second lead. Unfortunately, the round result was as good as last week as he didn’t finish the first moto due to a twisted knee while in fifth place.

“I like riding this track and it suits the way I ride, so I just needed to not make any stupid mistakes and I knew I would be able to get a good results,” Rogers said.

“I was in good shape in race one and just coming up behind Bailey who was in fourth when I got sideways and went off the track and as I did that, I put my leg out for balance and my knee grabbed and twisted pretty bad. The pain shot through my knee, and I tried to get going again but it hurt too much so I hade to pull in.

“But, I was able to strap it up and it had settled down a bit so I was good to go for race two and I went on to win it. It’s a great feeling to finally win a moto at ProMX level and the WBR Yamaha guys were so pumped when I got it done. I could see them waving me on around the track and when I came in, they were pumped, so its awesome to give them that reward after such a tough season.

“The DNF – 1 got me in the top 10 for the day and it was a good way to finish off the championship,” Rogers ends.

Teammate Hugh McKay did what he always does, gives maximum effort and bankable results week in, week out. He finished with 8-10 results in the two motos and ninth overall for the day. He also got the same position in the championship with a very respectable ninth overall in a fast and furious MX2 field.

“While I wanted to finish the final round a little better, being inside the top 10 in both the round and the championship is a pretty good way to wrap up the championship. Thanks to WBR Yamaha and the team for stepping up and helping me for the final few rounds as its always awesome working with the guys. The bikes are great and there are really good people in the team.”

Injured team member, Ryder Kingsford was also on hand to cheer the team on and is recovering well from his knee surgery.