Inside Alex Larwood’s YZ250f race machine

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Bike –

YZ250FM 2021 RRP $12,449. We start with a brand new bike and strip it down to the frame and build it up trying to optimize everything as it is built up.

Engine –

Alex is chasing a strong engine with still good pull and bottom end power. The YZ250f engine is the best base engine in class so it makes this engine a great platform to be a top performer. We have to be careful not to just chase the biggest peak HP we can achieve as the bike needs to pull from the lower RPM range well also and have good throttle response. We completely strip a new engine and every piece is assembled with the vision to optimize the performance, from polishing, de burring, machining and replacing parts we have tested to add performance and reliability. Some of the parts we have used in the engine package are.

PC Ti6 pro system, GYTR piston, GYTR clutch and ignition cover, GYTR clutch basket, pressure plate and hub, GYTR camshaft, Super finished gear box, Ceramic coated engine covers, Ported cylinder head, Billet Intake system, DRC radiator cap, GET ECU

 Protection –

The bike has to be tough, racing at the top there is bound to be collision’s, contact and crashes at some point in a championship. The goal is to make sure the bike can handle the rough nature of Pro MX racing and finish every race. We want the bike to be as light as possible but strong as possible so sometimes we sacrifice a little bit of weight to add protection. Some products used on the build

GYTR rad braces, GYTR rear disk guard, Zeta case saver, Zeta rear chain guide, Zeta radiator hoses, brake saver, Zeta handle bar mount, Dunlop mousse solid tubes, extra start button added underneath, Raditor protecting mesh to stop dirt clogging radiator

 Controls –

Zeta have the controls covered using their products for handle bar, throttle tube, front brake lever, clutch perch, revolver shifter, launch control, rear brake clevis, axle blocks, brake line clamp. All there products either add performance, reduce weight or are stronger than the OEM product they replace. Alex uses a strike seat cover with standard height seat foam and their ribs through the seat for traction. Pro taper race half waffle grips are the choose to grip the bars

Weight saving –

When we add product to add reliability and strength we try and get some of that back in other areas where we can save weight. We have used Titanium hardware on the fork pinch bolts, axle clamp bolts, brake caliper mount bolts, exhaust mounting and axle adjuster bolts. The Pro Circuit T6 Ti system saves a lot of weight over the OEM exhaust. EZE race products are stronger and also lighter saving weight on the triple clamps and the hubs. Zeta aluminum bolts are used to mount the plastics to the bike and also drilled washers used in replacement of OEM washers. JT aluminum sprockets also help with weight saving over OEM sprockets


The rule is to only use quality products and the team would prefer to pay for parts over obtaining sponsorship of free parts if it is not as good as it could possible be. KYB A kit suspension tuned by Krooztune, Braking bate fly rotor, GYTR front brake line, ceramic 74 works coated brake calipers, standard foot pegs sharpened. Dunlop MX33 110/90-19 rear tyre and MX33 21 inch front tyre used on most tracks throughout the year.

Alex’s setup –

Alex runs his handle bar a fair way back in the back hole and clamps backwards. He also uses a lower bar bend than standard. Alex’s controls are pretty standard heights. To really finish it all off MX Ink graphics and Cycra power flow plastics are used

Overall to build this pretty race rocket including the purchase price of the bike will set you back over $30,000. The team have spent countless hours making sure Alex has the equipment to show his best on race days. With the main areas of concern being performance and reliability. If you would like an details of the bike or products used contact WBR Motorcycles as they stock and source all parts on this bike and can be purchased to build your own race beauty.