Fuel your body for Motocross and Off-road riding

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You have probably heard it before, we put premium fuel in our bikes. So, why don’t you fuel the body with premium fuel?

I wanted to share some products we constantly use and the reasons why. These are easy to use, you don’t need to be a supplement expert and there are some great gains to be had. You don’t have to be training all day every day to need supplements. Our whole race team uses them on the daily with massive results across the whole team (not just the athletes).

We asked some of the team what supplements they take during the week, leading up to an event and during events:

Travis Whitten (team manager and rides for fun)

  • Joint complex – for my bad knees after many years of riding. I take it in capsule form and just take one every morning.
  • Cogniton – I find this helps me stay focused and sharp towards the task on hand. I don’t take it every day, but take leading up to race weekends to make sure I am sharp and thinking clear.
  • Proviotic – I take this normally during winter months or if I have had a really crazy work load or a lot of travelling. I find it helps me prevent getting ill and allows me to not have any sick days.

Alex Larwood (pro motocross racer)

  • Recuper8 – I use this during and straight after any training sessions. This allows sustained energy during the work out and then assists with a rapid recovery and reduced soreness in muscles.
  • Electrolyte Plus – this helps hydration and keeps the body fuel from running low during a long ride or intense moto. I drink this during the day of competition or when I have big training days.
  • Protein matrix + – I use this to promote healthy muscle growth. I normally have a protein shake between breakfast and lunch.

Jack Arnold (team technician and rides for fun)

  • Pre work out – I use this on long race days. Race days we are up early and it is a full day of non stop. This product can help me stay on top and give me the energy needed to get through a big day at the races with no performance drop.


Some other products and reasons for use to help with Motocross and off road riding:

  • Total meal replacement – have you ever woken up on the day of a big competition and not been able to eat, because of nerves or because competition day is such a different schedule? This product can assure you get what is needed into the body.
  • The Zone – used just before an event, this can help raise and maintain mental focus during important events.
  • Quick Protein Pancakes – Great way to start event days. Our team often cook these up on the morning of race events.

Some great facts about Bulk Nutrients:

  • Easily accessible online https://www.bulknutrients.com.au/
  • 100% Australian company
  • Amazing value for money, quality and price are industry leading
  • They support a wide range of sports and community events